Introducing other services provided by Wedding Elegance by Nahid. Beautiful Candy Stations for all parties and events. Each candy bar is designed according to the color, style and theme of your event. A candy bar is a great addition for an innumerable series of events, whether it’s a wedding, fundraiser, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday party, social event, grand opening or whatever occasion you can imagine….it’s an addition that adults and kids very much enjoy alike!

The custom candy bars are designed with decorated jars,  ribbons and descriptive tags, and customized boxes/bags of your choice. Serving scoops, bags and ties along with customized labels when needed & décor for the table, candy and or chocolate are provided.

After we design each individual candy bar with you, we then deliver and create it.  We set up and tear down each detailed aspect of the satiation. Depending on your event’s needs and particular budgeting, we include an attendant for the duration of the event.

We strive to provide you with as much variety and color as possibly available by maximizing the candy assortment. It is ideal to have a combination of candy and desserst on the same station, this can all be arranged and provided with strategic budgeting.

All signage for The Candy Bar can be made to match all the stationary for your event as well as all the components of the sation.

For more information about The Candy Bar, contact Nahid Farhoud at



The whole concept for your wedding invitations, is that the invitation sets the tone of the wedding. Brides can go as fancy as they wish, if their wedding is going to be fancy this will give the guests a sneak peek at what they will be seeing when they arrive at the celebration. On the other hand, brides can keep the invitations as simple as they wish  if the wedding is going to be intimate and simple.

Also, the invitation can give the guests a glimpse into the theme of the wedding…. whether its going to be a fairytale, storybook, or seasonal themed occasion….for example. if the wedding is in the fall the couple may choose to have that scents of the fall added to the paper or accents in the invitation packaging for the recipient to indulge in as they open the envelope.

The invitation can be used to inform your guests about your conscious views….express you global contribution and go green with your invitations and your wedding theme….

Express your individuality beginning with your invitations….set the tone to your whole wedding planning journey!!

Invitation Inspirations courtesy of Rock Paper Scissors Design



When the time for that little something to satisfy your sweet-tooth at a wedding celebration, it doesn’t just stop at cake any more….  As more and more brides and grooms-to-be opt for a different form to show their appreciation to all of those who came to be a part of the most special day of their lives, dessert stations are becoming ever so popular….

It is a spectacular way to add festive flair and instant excitement to your celebration. Having a dessert station gives guests the choice to custom pick as little or as much of exactly what they want and when they want it.  It is also functions as a little to go nite bite when the night is over.

There are so many different types of stations you can create deppending on your perrsonal stories and the types of sweets you and your sweetheart love….

Here are a few examples we thought would inspire you to have one at your wedding or your next celebration!

You can have….

Mix your own fruit chocolate Martinis.

Make your own candied apple station.

A Smores Station (My favorite!!)

A cupcake station.

Sundae/Soda-Float Station.

The possibilities are endless and only your imagination and your mood can guide you….it can only be tasty and fun after that!!!


Photos courtesy of : Jean M Wedding Invitations and Accessories, The Knot, & Dasha Wright


book - vows

This wonderful little book will help you plan vows and toasts that truly speak from your hearts. As you work with it, this book will also deepen your understanding of why you and your partner have chosen to take this path together.

Robert Kiefer and his wife Carol Ponder have created a workbook designed to lead brides and grooms through the process of writing their vows, because as this dynamic duo says, “Without your vows, all you have is a great party”. Check out more information, testimonials and view sample pages from the book at

The vows section is suitable for traditional and non-traditional

weddings in any religion or sect that allows

personally written vows in the marriage ceremony.

Engagement; Zeina and Mauth

Balboa Park Wedding and Engagement Photography

We are so excited to introduce our lovely couple Zeina and Mauth who will be celebrating their big engagement party at the US Grant the end of the month and will have their extravagant wedding next spring in Jordan…We are happy to share some of their pictures from Kristina Chartier Photography

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