Wedding Color Trend Forecasts for 2011-2012


As a wedding planner, you have to be forward thinking and keep up with trends or soon-to-be trends. Brides want to be on top of trends the moment they hit, not repeat something that’s been done. So with a little research from other industry folks and what clients love, we’re going to share with you color trend forecasts for 2011-2012!

Daring Bolds

Chicago’s Kehoe Designs has created two color palettes called “Chicago Classics”: jet black, gentleman’s gray, opal white, shadow gold, and accent hues like emerald green, Turkish blue, and garnet red. The other palette, “Istanbul Style”: azure blue, Indian pink, pearlized turquoise, copper gold, petrol blue and ruby red. “This look is more theatrical, exotic and glamorous than in previous years.”


[Better Homes and Garden]

Neutrals for the Refined 

In fashion right now, neutral shades like pale pink, taupe, and shades of white will stay prominent in wedding color trends. The colors are great for brides who want to project a sense of refinement, simplicity, and tradition. They also work well for budget-friendly brides since they can function as backdrop colors with bursts of color popping up in florals or lighting.

Our Favorite and What Works For Us

Orange! Yes, sometimes you just have to go with the color that works best for you. Sometimes you have to say “To heck with these trends!” and opt with complimentary colors or colors which represent you and your groom. We love the orange color because it’s warm, vibrant, exciting and it attracts others. Finding out the meaning of colors or how others perceive it can help you determine if the color is right for you.

Indian Inspired Bridal Makeup Looks


Indian bridal makeup is colorful and eye-catching, and even if you’re not of Indian descent, you can still rock their looks! Thanks to YouTube, we found some stunning Indian bridal inspired looks that you can re-create for yourself. The jewel toned eyeshadows combined with a heavy-liner will transform you into an Indian goddess.

Here are two very talented YouTube makeup gurus you can watch on Indian bridal makeup tutorials.

Makeup Geek’s Marlena

MakeupGeek’s Modern Indian Bridal Look

Promise Phan
Promise Phan’s Bollywood Bridal Makeup Tutorial

 Be prepared to get compliments when you go out with these dramatic and gorgeous looks!

Fall Fashion Trend 2011: Ombre


Ombre, which is the gradual shading of a color, is a really hot trend right now. From haircolor to cute dresses, you can see this trend everywhere! Here are some great ways to incorporate ombre detailing into your wedding theme–or just get inspired by it!

Ombre hair, Tulle Skirt, Wall pattern, Cake, Nails

Pink dress, Cake slice, Wedding cake, Centerpiece

Ombre can sound imitating or a cheesy trend, but don’t be scared! When executed properly with the right colors, styling, and the help of a professional vendor, you can create a stunning, romantic, and gorgeous wedding theme using ombre details.

Fall 2011 Inspiration Board



Fall’s here! The end of Labor Day weekend marks the start of fall, a season of romance dotted with changes all around. From the colors of the leaves to cozier knits, we’ve created some inspiration boards to help get you in the mood.

Cake Leaves, Jacket, Reverse Rug Chair, Wooden Coasters

 Invitation, Vest, Cake Pops, Pumpkins

  Tablesetting, Wreath, Pumpkin Arrangement


Bridal Shoot, Cake, Bouquet, Tablesetting

 Sweets Table, Cupcakes, Mantle Setting, Floral




Shipwrecked Inspiration


Today’s inspiration board is inspired by the start of summer and dreams of being shipwrecked with Johnny Depp! We took a little bit of ocean colored hues and mixed it in with a classy take on Pirates of the Caribbean. Hope this inspires you!

Map of ocean, Letters, Bed, Dress, Chandelier, Earrings, Cuff

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