Food Trucks In Modern Weddings


Move along buffets and sit-down dinners. Hello food trucks! These inexpensive meals on wheels are a growing trend in weddings. It’s not only a unique idea that guests will enjoy but you’ll also be helping out small businesses. Double win!

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The food truck craze is popular among urban cities such as Los Angeles, Austin and New York. As it is every bride’s wish to have an unforgettable day not only for her and the groom but also for her guests, a food truck is a fun and innovative element to add to your wedding.

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Once you’ve decided to go with a food truck, the hardest part is probably choosing which one! There are a wide variety of food trucks available. Whether you’re feeling for low key comfort food like burgers and fries, craving ethnic like Mexican or Chinese or looking for something gourmet and upscale, there’s something out there for you. If you’re looking for smaller and lighter meals, snack food and dessert trucks are also an option. Bottom line, food trucks come in all shapes, sizes… and menu options!

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Sacrificing taste and quality should be far below your worries of having a food truck. In fact, food trucks can be a healthier alternative because the food is often made with local and organic ingredients. Plus, it creates less of a mess than traditional catering and is definitely a more affordable option.

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Food trucks can also flexibly fit in throughout the day. You can keep wedding guests busy during cocktail hour by having a food truck available or serve it as a late night snack following a night of dancing. Gelato or belgian waffles, anyone?

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Depending on your wedding, it may or may not be for you. Just don’t be surprised if you see it at the next wedding you attend! Also, if you have a favorite food truck in mind, don’t hesitate to ask if they can cater. Let the feasting begin!

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