Rainy Day Wedding Ideas


We love that times are a-changing, and some brides are starting to embrace the idea of including rain in their wedding. Traditionally, rain was considered an omen of bad luck on weddings: “If it rains on your wedding day, it is said that the rain is a symbol of children in the future. The bad luck myth says that rain drops represents the many tears a bride will cry throughout her married life.” (Source) Superstitious or not, rain is a natural thing that happens, and if it does rain on your wedding day, embrace it! As a wedding planner, we always try to plan for the best and worse conditions on your wedding day, but we also know we can’t control the weather.

Rain really can add a dramatic flair to your wedding photos, and if a memorable wedding is what you’re aiming for–rain is perfect! Come on, remember all of those epic movie scenes where the main character realizes he/she cannot live without the love of their life? During their reunion scene, what does Mother Nature happen to do? Unleash a torrential downpour of DRAMA! So enjoy and be inspired by these rainy day wedding photo ideas!

{Umbrellas, Boat, Rainy Backdrop, Road}

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