6 Steps to a Skinnier Bride


Amidst all the excitement of preparing for your big day, one of the main concerns on a bride’s mind is looking good in her wedding dress. We believe you’re perfect just the way you are, as we’re sure your husband-to-be does too, but the stress of planning can sometimes cause a bride to resort to crash diets or extreme workouts which can cause serious health risks right before your special day.

We have some tips on how to get into shape without breaking your wallet or a trip to the ER!

1. Start working out as soon as you’re finished celebrating your engagement party (or sooner!) Whether you’ve been working out actively or just been blessed with the ability to never enter a gym, it’s important to stay active. Brides tend to wait 6 months before the wedding or even later to start working out and this leads to more pressure and stress on a bride to reach her goal weight. Sometimes it results in unrealistic goals and more frustration a.k.a. “bridezilla” tendencies. Working out is a great way to de-stress after a long day of arguing with your bridesmaids over halter necklines ;)

2. Drink lots of water all day, everyday. Water really is the elixir of life! It benefits your skin, keeps you hydrated for when you’re meeting with vendors all day, and is sugar and calorie free!

3. Tone those arms! Especially if you’re wearing a strapless dress. Some great moves include push-ups (try doing them on a stability ball for a better core). Bicep curls on one foot, and then switch to the other foot.  When lifting weights (as with anything else), start out small to prevent over exertion. 12-15 reps is a good starting point, then raise the dumbbell weight by a pound or so if you find it to be too easy.

4. Incorporate fun, non-traditional exercises into your workout. Jogging outdoors and visits to the gym are great, but if you own a Wii, why not do some WiiFit exercises! Participating in sports leagues like VAVi allows you to make new friends while achieving a fun workout.

5. 30 +30 workouts. Regardless if you have a long engagement or just 3 months to whip your bridal butt into shape, start slow to avoid burn out. Fitness experts recommend 30 minutes of cardio with 20-30 minutes of strength training daily. You can even break up your cardio session into three 10-minute bursts of cardio. Do this for at least 3 weeks, then increase the intensity of your cardio and strength training a bit if you find your routine to be easy.

6. Portion control. When dining out with your partner, share the salad, appetizer, and meal together! You cut down the calories in half while getting a full course. (Note: mozzarella sticks or chicken wings are NOT  appropriate appetizers, ladies!)

Photos courtesy of  My Wedding Concierge and Sleeveless In 7.

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