Vintage Farm Inspiration Board


Now that our inspiration photo shoot is over, we can reveal what inspired us to create this romantic vintage theme. When I begged Nahid to do an inspiration shoot before the end of the year, I had no idea she wanted to do a vintage farm themed shoot. Of course, I fell in love with the theme and started pulling together ideas for it. Some of Nahid’s requirements was to avoid being overly rustic, and to incorporate hues of orange in the inspiration look. Since Nahid was able to book a gorgeous venue location, I made sure to help create a vintage farm feel that worked with Condor’s Nest Ranch in Temecula.

We both loved the idea of using colors and textures that brought out a simple, vintage feel that was both feminine and masculine. With suggestions and help from our colleagues, Jennifer Cole Florals, Bryan N. Miller Photography, J Grace, Pow Wow Vintage Rentals, The White Flower Bridal Boutique, Sweet Cheeks Baking Co., Souad Al-Rifai, and Phanna Sim we created a successful vintage farm inspiration shoot.

Here’s the inspiration board that started it all. As you can see, we wanted to see how orange would fit into the whole vintage farm look. We really wanted this dream wedding to be effortless, simple, vintage, and perfect for a fall wedding. Although, once you see the finished photos, you might use our inspiration for a spring wedding as well!

Chinese Wedding: Lion Dance


Chinese weddings are rich in tradition–from donning red dresses to symbolize luck to having lion dance performances during the reception. In China, the lion dance is a traditional form of dance and dates back to over a thousand years. Not to be mistaken with the dragon dance, the lion dance differs because it is operated by two people, whereas the dragon dance needs many people to perform it. Also, with the dragon dance, the performers’ faces are covered, while you can see the performers holding poles to make the dragon dance.


The lion is a symbolic animal to many South Asian countries, representing bravery and benevolence. The lion’s appearance and dance style varies from region to region, but the idea remains the same–the dance brings good luck and fortune to the occasion (wedding or business grand opening, etc.) For the dance, the audience may see the dancers hang lettuce or fruits high up for the lion to grab, and the lion would be rewarded with a “red envelope” filled with money. You can also see dancers encourage audience members to offer red envelopes during an event like Lunar New Year to feed the lion!


Lion dances are very festive and loud since instruments like drums and cymbals are used during the performance. Can you imagine having a lion dance at your wedding?! Not only would it bring great fortune to your marriage, but it would be a wonderful treat for your wedding guests. If you are considering bringing a lion dance troupe to perform at your wedding, we have some tips for you!


-Like any other vendor, do your research! Figure out how elaborate of a performance you want. Some couples may just want a lion dance to introduce themselves at the reception, while others may want a full performance.

-Know which type of lion dance you want. Traditionally, there is a northern lion with a mane and four legs; southern lions have two to four legs and resemble a dragon.

-Create a scroll that the lion can reveal/unwrap from its mouth during the performance! It can say the couples’ names and the wedding date or something like “Good luck and eternal happiness” in Chinese or Vietnamese or any other language you prefer. (It makes for a great keepsake!)

-Please remember to feed them. Although the performance may only last a few minutes, they will have been there earlier practicing at the venue, and it is an athletic dance.

Wow Moments From Pinterest


Pinterest has this way of leading us to waste hours of our lives just staring at amazing and gorgeous pictures. Well, we shortened that process for you by finding a few “WOW” wedding photos which made us stop and gawk. From showstopping wedding photography ideas to decor inspiration for your reception and ceremony–these picks are our favorite of the week!

We LOVE the Moulin Rouge inspiration, and we can’t stop obsessing over the outdoor ceremony ideas!

{Moulin Rouge, Garden Table, Outdoor Ceremony, Winter Wedding}

Affordable, Budget Bridal Fashion


Weddings are expensive. There. We said it. But that said, we love a challenge! There are so many affordable options out there for you budget-savvy brides. Your guests don’t need to know who you’re wearing as long as you look stunning!

We found five wedding dresses that are under $500 (wow!). From blush to ivory, these five bridal dresses are gorgeous, fashionable, and on par with current wedding style trends. The shorter cocktail length dress is an eye-catcher with its cute rosette pattern, making it perfect for summer garden weddings. We’re in love with the dramatic one shoulder gown with the sparkle details! See, you can find the dress of your dreams for under $500.


{Jill Stuart, Mignon, Mignon Bridal, Mignon Bridal, Mignon}

Wedding Ceremony Inspiration: Arches and Trellises


There’s just something romantic about having your ceremony under an arch or framed with a gorgeous floral trellis! If you’re not sure what a trellis is, it’s a structure used to support growing plants. As any designer or decorator will tell you, adding natural elements like trees, flowers, and bushes will bring color and life to your home or event. We grabbed some inspiration from Better Home and Gardens for you to be inspired by. We think with any of these, you can add details like string lights or lanterns or streamers to give it your own personalized feel. We hope your wedding flourishes with happiness!

All photos are courtesy and property of Better Home and Gardens.

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