Food Trucks In Modern Weddings


Move along buffets and sit-down dinners. Hello food trucks! These inexpensive meals on wheels are a growing trend in weddings. It’s not only a unique idea that guests will enjoy but you’ll also be helping out small businesses. Double win!

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The food truck craze is popular among urban cities such as Los Angeles, Austin and New York. As it is every bride’s wish to have an unforgettable day not only for her and the groom but also for her guests, a food truck is a fun and innovative element to add to your wedding.

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Once you’ve decided to go with a food truck, the hardest part is probably choosing which one! There are a wide variety of food trucks available. Whether you’re feeling for low key comfort food like burgers and fries, craving ethnic like Mexican or Chinese or looking for something gourmet and upscale, there’s something out there for you. If you’re looking for smaller and lighter meals, snack food and dessert trucks are also an option. Bottom line, food trucks come in all shapes, sizes… and menu options!

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Sacrificing taste and quality should be far below your worries of having a food truck. In fact, food trucks can be a healthier alternative because the food is often made with local and organic ingredients. Plus, it creates less of a mess than traditional catering and is definitely a more affordable option.

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Food trucks can also flexibly fit in throughout the day. You can keep wedding guests busy during cocktail hour by having a food truck available or serve it as a late night snack following a night of dancing. Gelato or belgian waffles, anyone?

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Depending on your wedding, it may or may not be for you. Just don’t be surprised if you see it at the next wedding you attend! Also, if you have a favorite food truck in mind, don’t hesitate to ask if they can cater. Let the feasting begin!

Wedding Ceremony Inspiration: Arches and Trellises


There’s just something romantic about having your ceremony under an arch or framed with a gorgeous floral trellis! If you’re not sure what a trellis is, it’s a structure used to support growing plants. As any designer or decorator will tell you, adding natural elements like trees, flowers, and bushes will bring color and life to your home or event. We grabbed some inspiration from Better Home and Gardens for you to be inspired by. We think with any of these, you can add details like string lights or lanterns or streamers to give it your own personalized feel. We hope your wedding flourishes with happiness!

All photos are courtesy and property of Better Home and Gardens.

Secret Garden: Indoor Wedding Design Inspiration


Whether it’s spring or winter, with a little imagination, you can create a magical secret, hidden garden at any venue. When we thought of this inspiration board, we were inspired by the recent spring blooms, and the romance of having a special hidden place that only you and your groom share. For this kind of wedding & reception design, you should fill the room with lush botanicals and embrace the motto of, “more IS more!” You want to create a world that is completely “hidden” and “cutoff” from everything else, so your guests won’t even remember where they are!

Trees, hanging florals and leaves, combined with chandeliers and high ceilings–all inside of a ballroom. Very magical :)

{Clockwise from top center: Window, Entrance, Garden, Patio, Indoor Tree, Chandelier, Portrait, Dress}


Earth Day 2012 Inspiration Board


Earth Day is April 22, 2012, and in honor of the day we created a green wedding inspiration board that is both magical and inspiring. Being green doesn’t mean being a hippy or only using recyclable material in your wedding. You can offer to donate unused food to local shelters, or opt for local vendors to lower the cost of energy used during transport. Many restaurants and food vendors now offer seasonal, farm-to-table options for menus to keep your wedding fresh and unique to your area.

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Going Green with Earth Day!

Paper table runner. A great alternate to linens, and it can be recycled!

On this Earth Day we have the opportunity to really reflect on what we can do for the planet.  Not just because today is Earth Day, these days we are all starting to feel the need to really be kind to our planet. It’s become a trend, and let us hope that it becomes a way of living and of life.  So if you’re getting married and are one of those couples who want to “go green” but don’t have the finances to do so on every aspect of the wedding, here are a few ideas to incorporate in your planning to really pay tribute to the earth without going bankrupt doing it.



If you want to save water, try a different way of decorating by using paper on your tables. Instead of using two layers of linens, use one and a table runner made out of linen like paper such as the one shown below from Creative Media Print, and then recycle them after the event!

Paper table runner. A great alternate to linens, and it can be recycled!


These table runners look great, and are environmentally friendly too!


When it comes to your floral centerpieces, you can “recycle” them by donating them to Blooms From The Heart. They come and pick-up your pieces which might otherwise go to waste, and then deliver them to hospitals, assisted living homes, group homes, etc. This organization is a non-profit, and run by %100 volunteers.

Recipient of donated flowers by Blooms from the Heart.

Volunteers of Blooms from the Heart.


You can also incorporate ceramic vases like these from Made By Humans that use recycled magazine paper to create the color you see.  If you don’t want to use them everywhere in your décor scheme, they can still used as accent pieces on your head table, guestbook table, or wherever you feel they would work.

Recycled magazine paper on ceramic vase. Perfect for adorning your guestbook table!


Recycled magazine paper on ceramic vase. What fun colors!



Speaking of guest books, that is another great way to “go green” by using a guestbook made from recycled paper like these ones from Zola:

Recycled paper guest book to remember your guests by.

Recycled paper guest book for your wedding day!


Another great way to be environmentally friendly on your wedding day can be done by the types of favors you use for your guests. A big trend among couples these days is to not give out favors, but to donate to a favorite charity on behalf of the guest. This is a great idea, but if you’d rather give your guests something to thank them for coming, there are still great ways to do it with an Earth Day flair.

Ever heard of plantable paper? From Botanical PaperWorks, it comes in many shapes, and even in boxes. Give this to your guests filled with your favorite chocolate or candy. Not only will your guests get a nice treat to eat, but once planted the wildflower seeds in the paper grow for your guests to enjoy after the wedding day!

Plantable seed paper dragonfly shape that will grown into beautiful flowers!

Plantable seed paper box to use as a favor for guests, and it will grow into flowers too!

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