The Tena’im: Jewish Engagement

tenaim reading

Before The Jewish Wedding


“Tena’im” is the actual Yiddish name for an engagement.In the culture, it carries a great deal of weight, and even more so than the American culture. It binds you in the realm of a legal Jewish status. There is a signing that takes place at what the Jewish people refer to as “the groom’s table”. The reading of the “Tena’im” is given either by a dear friend of the groom’s or a Rabbi.

tenaim reading



Te’naim is a contract between the parents of the bride and groom.

It reverts back to the third century C.E.; It is predominantly done through the orthodox custom.


Eirusin refers to the ring being given. In essence, the bride cannot wed anyone else.


Kiddushin means the ring is now accepted.


Nissuin refers to the couple sharing a home together.




  tenaim party

 It ends with a festive party with the bride, groom, and their parents, as they celebrate the wonders of this new chapter. More often than less, it is kept private with direct family.

Traditional Indian Wedding Jaimala Ceremony


The exchanging of garlands is a crucial part of an Indian wedding, and and the marriage is not considered complete until the garlands are exchanged between the bride and groom. The garlands are made out of flowers and thread, and while the flowers symbolize aspiration, excitement, and happiness, the thread represents what secures all those emotions. This part of the ceremony, called Jaimala, is the first ritual which represents the bride accepting the groom as her husband. This part of the ceremony happens after the groom arrives at the venue and is welcomed in by the bride’s family. He then awaits the arrival of his bride, and this is the first time they see each other! During this time, the bride and groom exchange their flower garlands by placing them around each other’s neck. There are many options when looking where to get garlands for your wedding- you can order them online or by phone, talk to your local florist, or make them at home with family and friends!







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Traditional Indian Wedding Jewelry


In Indian tradition, women are given jewelry as gifts throughout their life. Soon after a child is born, the family starts saving for the gifts given to the bride to be worn on the day of her wedding. Jewelry that is given to a woman at the time of her wedding symbolizes wealth, power, and femininity. The tradition of Indian brides wearing bridal jewelry dates back 5,000 years and has strong roots across all Indian cultures. Indian wedding jewelry is an heirloom treasure, often passed down from one generation to the next. Each different state and region has a unique style and design of wedding jewelry. Popular jewelry items for traditional Indian brides include a heavy neckpiece and matching earrings, nose ring, bangles, toe rings, anklets, and many other ornate pieces. Gold jewelry is a beautiful addition to any bride on her wedding day, and the Indian traditions make it that much more special!





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The 7 Blessings of a Hindu Wedding


There are many important aspects of a Hindu wedding ceremony- one of the most important is the fire ceremony. During this fire ceremony, the highlight is the Saptapadi, when the bride and groom, hand in hand, step seven times around the fire. This part of the ceremony seals their bond as husband and wife forever.

You may wonder why there are seven steps taken around the fire, and what each step represents. Here is a simple breakdown:

1. May the couple always be blessed with an abundance of comforts and resources, and always be helpful to one another in all aspects.


2. May the couple be strong and complement each other, mentally, spiritually, and physically.


3. May the couple be blessed with prosperity and riches- in all ways.


4. May the couple have eternal love and trust together.


5. May the couple be blessed with a happy family life and children.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 10.32.56 PM

6. May the couple live in harmony together- staying true to their promises to themselves and one another.


7. May the couple always remain best friends.


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Traditional Indian Mandap


A major part of the traditional Indian wedding ceremony is the mandap. The mandap is the focal point of Indian weddings, and are beautiful and elaborate creations under which all marriage rituals are performed. The mandap is a wedding canopy supported by four pillars, said to represent the four parents of the couple, signifying the important role the parents have played in raising their children. Under the mandap there are two chairs for the bride and groom, as well as seating for all four parents. The mandap is traditionally made out of wood and decorated with flowers, banana leaves, and pots filled with water known as Kalashas. However, more modern mandap styles have been spotted lately, made with more modern materials and out-of-the-box shapes. The mandap should be beautiful and eye-catching- lighting, draping, flowers to match the color scheme, and hanging bells are all great ideas on how to decorate the mandap.








Check back later in the week for a blog about Sheer Romance, a fantastic vendor who specializes in beautiful, customized mandaps!


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