Saving the Planet — One Wedding At a Time!

So we’ve all heard it before, but what makes weddings “green”? There is no measurable standard as of yet, but there are plenty of innovative and creative tips that couples can use to incorporate into a green wedding. Green Weddings are growing more popular as people are becoming more earth-conscious these days. From the planning process to the Big Day, here are a few tips you can expend to not only achieve the perfect green wedding, but to obtain a cleaner environment!


From save-the-dates to RSVPs to ceremony programs, the amount of paper used in your wedding stationary definitely adds up. Amid habitat destruction and the global warming crisis, it is essential to find eco-friendly substitutes. Consider tree-free paper alternatives (such as hemp or bamboo) or 100% post-consumer recycled stock (such as old newspapers and magazines) in your wedding invitations.

  • Go Green with the printer by using soy- or vegetable-based inks.

Paperless Annoucements–Using Technology to Save Money & Trees

  • Go Greener with paperless announcements! Take advantage of the cyber world—personalized save-the-dates can be sent via email. Setting up a wedding website is easy with no fuss and it reduces the amount of paper needed to share important information with guests! (think RSVPs, program, ceremony & reception locations)

Some Suggestions:





Eco-friendly wedding flowers that are organic and sustainable usually are free from chemical pesticides and insecticides. Look for flowers that are organically grown, in-season, and grown locally. Silk flowers are another great option as well.

  • Go Green at your reception by having potted plants instead of traditional centerpieces; this way, your guests can bring them home!
  • Go Greener with an outdoor wedding and/or reception! Nature will surround you and your guests on your Big Day as the backdrop—thus saving you more green, if you know what I mean!

Some Suggestions:



3)      Your Local Farmer’s Market

Wedding Gown

Your wedding attire will be one of the most important choices, and there are many eco-friendly options for every budget. Wearing your mother’s or friend’s gown is definitely an easy and eco-friendly option. If that’s not available, you can rent or buy something you’ll wear again (and let your bridesmaids do the same!).

  • Go Green by picking clothes made of sustainable fabrics, such as hemp or organic cotton
  • Go Greener buying your dress from charity, such as Brides Against Breast Cancer, at remarkable prices with proceeds going towards Breast Cancer Research.

Some Suggestions:




Catering, Food & Drinks

Choosing local, organic and seasonal foods is a great green move. You can ask your caterer if they can prepare the food organically. After the event, consider donating the leftovers to a homeless shelter or local food bank (Check Out for more information); this way, food will not be discarded, but will go to an excellent cause!

·        Go Green by hiring a local company who uses only local ingredients

·        Go Greener by using non-disposable plates and utensils, or recycled materials

Some Organic Caterer Suggestions:


2) to find organic restaurants in your area!


From simple and tasteful weddings to fancy and elaborate weddings, there are many “green” options to choose from. You can preserve our environment, and still have the perfect wedding! Cheers!

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  • Angela Quisumbing

    Great article with noteworthy tips. Your headline caught my eye because I used a similar line in my Earth Day blog post. Great minds think alike, right!

    I love the idea of using silk flowers. Silk flowers – or a combination of silk and real flowers — are a great way to add some color, save money and be GREEN!

    Great post!

    April 28, 2009

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