Groom’s Cake Designs and Ideas


Sometimes it’s not always about the bride… grooms needs a little love and attention, too! Groom’s cakes are traditionally thought of as a gift to the groom from the bride, and offer a more masculine touch to the more feminine, delicate wedding cake.

Should you have a groom’s cake at the wedding reception? Well, we personally think that you should only have one cake to signify your union. Having two cakes separates the attention that your main wedding cake should have. If you really want to have a groom’s cake, we suggest that you serve it at the rehearsal dinner, especially since the dinner is traditionally hosted by the groom’s family.

Here are some different ideas for a groom’s cake that we think are unique, and give you the freedom to be creative! The groom’s cake should reflect his tastes, personal style, and be masculine. We love that you can create a cake that’s not even made of cake!

{Beer Cake, Suitcase, Superheroes, Tree, Moose, Oreo, Steelers, Spaceship}

Wedding Cake Design Ideas


So you know all about buttercream and fondant, but what about kicking up your wedding cake a notch by incorporating some texture and fun details? We are loving the wedding cake designs that have textured details that make the cake stand out and have a life of its own. It’s another way for couples to show off their personality and style at a wedding reception. You can choose to use a classic draping detail or cover your cake in a pattern. Instead of adorning your wedding cake with flowers, try fruit!

{Fruit, Destination, Hermes, White Chocolate, Colorful}

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