21 Fun Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Photoshoot Ideas

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You have your hair done, makeup check and dress and shoes in place. But what’s a wedding without the attendance of your bridesmaids and groomsmen? These honored guests have seen you at your worst, held your hand, wiped your tears, gave you support when you needed it most. You couldn’t possibly imagine being where you are without them. Now, it’s time they see you at your best. lt’s defining moments like your wedding day where this special group become part of your wonderful journey to wedding bliss. How could you thank them in return? By giving them a fun photo shoot of course! This photo collection will have you laughing, ohh-ing and ahh-ing!

1.) Jump for joy!

 { Storkie }

2.) Heart in disguise

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3). Boys just wanna have fun!

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4.) Sunglasses and sunshine

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5.) Superheros, shades and pink socks?

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6.) Jumping for joy (female version)

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7.) Bridal party and men’s jacket

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8.) Wedding showdown

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9.) Honey! I shrunk the… groomsmen!?

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10.) J.U.S.T. M.A.R.R.I.E.D. 

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11.) Bridesmaids movie inspiration

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12.) Goofy

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13.) Coming at you!

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14.) Peeping toms

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15.) Privacy please!

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16.) Balloon brides

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17.) Stairway separation

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18.) Oh no, she didn’t!

{ Soundtrack to I Do }

19.) Silly socks

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20.) Game over

{ Jeremy Igo }

21.) I mustache you to marry me.

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The Way He Looks At Her


The First Look:

{ Radiant Photography }

The moment when he lays eyes on the bride as he turns to see her for the first time in her wedding dress is an intimate and special moment that’s hard to forget. It’s the moment when the beautiful bride is revealed to her groom. Rosy cheeks, hair styled to a T, a glowing face and a million dollar smile, it’s an intimate moment for two. It’s also a moment that photographers and videographers love to capture because it’s a time when all hidden emotions are revealed. The reaction, the facial expression, maybe even a tear sliding down the groom’s face is a heartwarming and priceless experience.

{ Radiant Photography }

This tradition dates back to a time when arranged marriages were a common practice. Because the groom did not meet the bride until the actual wedding day, the custom was created for fear that the groom would disappear if he saw her before the ceremony and was not pleased with her physical appearance.

{ The Bridal Detective }

Originally, the first look occurred as the bride walked down the aisle. It was done to avoid superstition with the belief that it was bad luck if the groom saw the bride before the ceremony. Going even further, the bride did not reveal her face until she reached the altar and lifted her veil.

Aide from superstitious reason, it can be a fun way to build anticipation and excitement from not seeing one another. It’s also enjoyable for friends and family to witness.

{ The Bridal Detective }

{ Andrea Lindquist }

Nowadays, it’s becoming more common in modern weddings for the first look to occur before the ceremony. With this flexibility, couples and photographers have gotten more creative with their first look photo shoots!

A modern and creative twist

{ The Bridal Detective }

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Say Yes! A Man’s Guide to Creative Marriage Proposals


Have you ever stumbled upon a Youtube Video out of boredom and came across one titled, “Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!”? If not, I suggest you drop everything you’re doing right this moment. Pause your snacking, television show watching, e-mail replying,  and watch this amazing marriage proposal that has won the heart of millions of viewers online. (24 million to be exact!)

Click here to watch the video.

{ Audrey Fotografie }

So you’ve successfully received permission from her parents. What’s next?

Like Matt and Ginny, you too can have a romantic and memorable proposal. Marriage proposals don’t need to be expensive or extravagant. Ladies like a proposal that comes from the heart. If you can be original and creative, even better! So turn on your thinking caps and get some inspiration from these different proposal ideas to get your dream girl to say “yes!”.

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First, it’s important to determine whether you want to propose on a low-key or grand scale. Depending on her personality, some women may prefer a private, intimate proposal between just you and her while others may prefer it public, open and in front of friends or strangers. Assuming you know your special lady by now, determine whether she’s a private type of girl or a public one.

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On top of the world – Take her on a special trip, maybe to her favorite vacation spot, or somewhere new and exciting. If she’s an outdoorsy type of girl, take her on a weekend trip to Mount Haleakala and propose at a beautiful high location that she surely won’t forget. They say setting can set the mood. Dreamy destinations or breathtaking views can never go wrong.


{ Pen and Paper Weddings }

Back to the roots – Think about the relationship from the beginning. Take her to where it all started. Reenact your first date (remember the details!) or bring her to the place you first met her. Bringing her to places that hold sentimental value will warm her heart and bring back happy memories.

{ Timecut }

Play to your hearts desire – If you’re blessed with a talent – whether it be soulful singing or playing a musical instrument, go a little old school. Play or serenade a song that reminds you of her or shows her how you feel. If you have a song you both share, “our song,” that could work as well. If you’re feeling extra original, write a song or change up the lyrics and show her how much you mean to her. Throw in “will you marry me?” at the end of your performance if you’re feeling brave.

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In her dreams - A really simple idea that’s more on the low-key scale involves very little preparation, just the right amount of timing. Surprise her in her sleep, a time when she least expects it. Maybe she’s a girl that’s hard to fool and hard to surprise but loves surprises anyhow. When she’s fallen deeply asleep, slide the ring carefully on her finger. Don’t wake her up! Wait until the next morning for the loud shriek and you’ll know she received your message.

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Food + ring = best combination ever  - It’s seen in movies and used in real life. Planting your engagement ring in food, typically dessert such as a cupcake or fortune cookie is fun and cute! Watch your loved one react as she takes on more than she can chew (literally!) She’ll be caught off guard when she sees that the mysterious item that got caught in her mouth is a diamond ring. If you’re a fan of this long time tradition then start planting away!

Menswear Monday: Groom’s Ties


Time to give the man in your life some attention as you plan your wedding. Whether your groom decides to go with a tie or bowtie, you can make sure he’ll look dashing and coordinated with your wedding theme. You can decide to personalize and have your groom stand out with something fun, like a comic book themed bowtie. Maybe you want him to have the right dash of preppy meets quirky by choosing a bright colored tie or print. Here are some fun ideas for yourgroom’s and groomsmen’s ties.


{Seerksucker, Comic, Polka Dots, Elephant, Woven Silk, Stripes}

Groom’s Cake Designs and Ideas


Sometimes it’s not always about the bride… grooms needs a little love and attention, too! Groom’s cakes are traditionally thought of as a gift to the groom from the bride, and offer a more masculine touch to the more feminine, delicate wedding cake.

Should you have a groom’s cake at the wedding reception? Well, we personally think that you should only have one cake to signify your union. Having two cakes separates the attention that your main wedding cake should have. If you really want to have a groom’s cake, we suggest that you serve it at the rehearsal dinner, especially since the dinner is traditionally hosted by the groom’s family.

Here are some different ideas for a groom’s cake that we think are unique, and give you the freedom to be creative! The groom’s cake should reflect his tastes, personal style, and be masculine. We love that you can create a cake that’s not even made of cake!

{Beer Cake, Suitcase, Superheroes, Tree, Moose, Oreo, Steelers, Spaceship}

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