The Sangeet Party

Indian Weddings are not solely about serious rituals and customs, they are also full of several fun filled rituals and designed to contain a scope of entertainment. Among all the pre-wedding celebrations, the Sangeet party is the most enjoyable one. The Sangeet ceremony known as, ‘Gaun’, is celebrated on an elaborate scale making it a very grand affair.

 The Sangeet party is an Indian tradition during which the family and friends shower the bride and groom with dance, music, and laughs. The sangeet party usually takes place in a large hall elaborately decorated and involves traditional dance, known as Garba, and dandia raas, dancing with sticks.



The decoration choices for a Sangeet celebration can vary. A traditional Sangeet decoration includes long beautiful drapes in rich embroidery with mirror work adding a special touch. You can make the decoration ethnic using colors like red, orange, maroon, and purple drapes with some gold glittering touches. Flowers like roses, marigolds, orchids, gerberas, give a special touch to the decorations and roses tend to be favored.

A western take on the Sangeet decoration can include, netted drapes and the use of silver in place of gold. Flowers like baby roses, orchid, lily or carnations tend to be used in western Sangeet decorations and these days, even things like heart shaped balloons with nets are added.

Traditionally only the women celebrated this ceremony but nowadays it is a co-ed affair making it all the more fun and interesting!

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