Miércoles Happy Hour


Happy miércoles (“Wednesday” in Spanish!), and we have a refreshing cocktail for you inspired by this weekend’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations! Instead of margaritas, we found the perfect summer, tequila-infused drink to host at your next fiesta or reception. Thank you to the mixologists over at Jose Cuervo for creating the “Platino Fresco,” which we Google Translated to mean “Platinum Fresh.” :)

Platino Fresco


1 oz Jose Cuervo Platino™
1/2 oz. Elderflower liqueur
Cucumber slices
Mint leaves
Pink Grapefruit juice


Muddle mint with cucumber slices.

In a cocktail shaker combine Jose Cuervo Platino and elderflower liqueur. Shake with ice and strain into rocks glass where mint and cucumber was muddled. Add ice and top off with pink grapefruit juice.

Cinco de Mayo inspiration board


Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner! This spirited holiday is a celebration of Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. While just a regional holiday in Mexico, it has been embraced mostly in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage.

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We’ve put together an inspiration board to demonstrate just a few ways you can mix in some of that festive spirit into your own wedding. From custom-made papel picado (intricately cut banners) to Margarita signature drinks to cheerful peasant-style bridesmaids dresses, the possibilities are boundless. All you need is a dash of creativity and a splash of color!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Mexican Weddings: The Reception


In the last of installment of the Mexican wedding series, we will explore Mexican wedding receptions. What makes an authentic Mexican reception? Family, food, dancing, and a splash of color!


Mexican families tend to be very tight knit, as well as extended. You can certainly expect to see everyone from the Abuelitos, or grandparents, to Primos, or cousins. Weddings are meant to be celebrations shared with the world, especially family and friends. The more, the merrier!


In Mexico, the traditional wedding meal is Mole y Arroz, chicken in a chili and chocolate sauce and rice. However, Mexican fare varies far and near from simple tacos to the more complicated tamales, and many others. For drinks, Sangria makes a great signature beverage, as do sweet water beverages, such as Horchata, made with rice and cinnamon. For something sweet, consider treating guests to Mexican wedding cookies or a Tres Leches cake, which is incredibly moist and made with three types of milk.



¡Baila! One dance tradition Mexican receptions often include is La Víbora de la Mar, which is similar to “London Bridge,” and sings about a sea serpent. The guest form a long train in the form of a serpent, and dance in an out of a bridge formed by the bride and groom. At the end, the bride throws her bouquet and the groom tosses the garter.


The most common types of dance at a reception are merengue, salsa, cumbia, and quebradita. With some practice and a good grasp of rhythm, these fast beats make for a fantastic dance floor. Another traditional form of entertainment is a mariachi band to play some of Mexico’s most beloved music, or hiring a folkloric dance group, with their colorful traditional costumes and routines.



Another way to incorporate a Mexican theme into your wedding is with splashes of vibrant color. Think Papel picado, strings of intricately cut banners, festive flowers, bright prints, even bridesmaids dresses with Mexican style embroidery.



It wouldn’t be a Mexican wedding without a joyous reception! These are just some of the many ways to weave that joy into your own special day!

Mexican Weddings: The Ceremony


Considering the deeply religious and spiritual background that significantly influence Mexican culture, marriage is viewed as a deep and unbreakable bond between the couple. From this belief stem various customs that take place during the wedding ceremony. Breathtaking locations abound in Mexico, which set the background for a uniquely spiritual and beautiful wedding ceremony.

Though the majority of Mexican wedding ceremonies take place during a Catholic Mass, the beautiful cultural rituals that accompany the service can be adapted to any ceremony.


First is the tradition of el Lazo, or the Lasso. The lazo is a double rosary, or a white cord as another option, in the shape of a figure eight. It is placed over the couple’s shoulders directly after their vows by the chosen padrinos as a symbol of their union in love and trust, and remains there for the rest of the ceremony.


Another custom is the exchange of the Arras, thirteen golden coins contained in a box or pouch. The groom will present the arras to the bride as a symbol of him giving her all his wealth and material possessions, and confidence in her.  The bride accepts them, ready to manage the responsibilities of marriage wisely and take care of her groom.


During Catholic wedding ceremonies, the couple will often present flowers to the Virgin Mary and pray for her intercession throughout their marriage. This customs stems from Mexico’s long devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe.


Another ceremony option is to include Mayan traditions. The Mayan wedding ceremony is performed by a shaman in front of an altar with points facing in all four directions. The shaman will welcome guests during a purification ritual using Copal, a plant typically used by the Mayans as incense. The couple then will walk up to the altar, barefoot and in light clothing made of natural materials, share their vows, asking for blessing upon their marriage from Mother Earth and Cosmic Energy.


These traditions are wonderful ways of incorporating Mexican customs and adding symbolic flair to your wedding ceremony!

Mexican Weddings: Padrinos Tradition


Weddings in Mexico are communal events that celebrate not only the love of husband and wife, but also the newly-created union between their families. The family plays a pivotal part in the life of the couple reaches far before they ever set foot at the altar. They guide and encourage them throughout their courtship and usually take important roles in the wedding… as well as celebrate the marriage with gusto!

Photo by Di-Lanattas Photography

One way to incorporate the family is by having padrinos, or godparents/sponsors, who take on the responsibility of providing different elements of the wedding, such as the bridal bouquet, lazo and arras (which will be explained in a later post), or even parts of the reception- further making it a communal celebration.

Photo by Di-Lanattas Photography

The most important padrinos are called Padrinos de Velación, who usually help cover the cost of the ceremony spot. What makes the honor so great is that they act as the witnesses, taking the place of a maid of honor and best man. They are usually a married couple who guide the bride and groom with wisdom through their own example.

The role of padrinos is a great honor and just one of many wonderful ways to involve family and friends in your special day!

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