Wedding Inspiration – Vintage Skeleton Keys Part 3 (Design & Decor)

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In our final section of the vintage skeleton key inspiration series, we wanted to share with you ways you can input your inspiration into the design and decor of the entire event.  You can use it to add depth and authenticity with your inspirational piece – The vintage skeleton key!

Wedding Inspiration – Vintage Skeleton Keys Part 2 (Place Cards)

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Continuing with our vintage skeleton key inspiration, here are some examples on how you can incorporate it into your wedding design as place cards and the many creative options on displaying and using them functionally and aesthetically.

Don’t forget the powder room!


In the midst of all the planning preparations for your wedding day, there are so many details that can be overlooked.  One thing that we find is commonly overlooked is the guests bathrooms or powder rooms! It is the place that is most frequently visited by male and female alike outside of the dance floor during your reception. We just want to give you a few easy tips on how to incorporate your wedding day decor into the powder room and how to provide your guests with a little bit of comfort should something come up unexpectedly!!

You can begin your guest restroom decor planning by consulting with your planner and florist about 2-4 small arrangements with your extra flowers or floral arrangement elements that you can place in the guest restrooms, draping, or candles (whatever is within your budget) along with a basket or setting dish filled with thoughtful little  necessities that will be a delight for your guests.

The baskets can include such things as, mints, gum, mouthwash, hand cream, stain removers, baby wipes, deodorant, nail files, gel, hair spray, lint rollers, sowing kit, and the like….and always include a first aid kit!! What ever you decide to include in your necessity powder room baskets and incorporate into your rest room decor, we just wanted to remind you not to ignore a very popular spot on your wedding day!

Top Your Cake With Your Personality


Who says you have to follow tradition? Having a fun cake topper at your wedding or anniversary is a great way to break the mold and make a unique statement that guests will remember for years to come.

A unique cake topper is another great way to personalize your wedding day experience. It can symbolize a great memory of your relationship, the day you met, how he proposed, individual or mutual hobbies/interests, or anything at all that sends a message about the two of you and your special bond.

There are no rules to showing the world about the journey that lead you both to declare your love in front of your family and your closest friends… why not add a little humor while you’re doing it!

You can represent your heritage…..

But above all, you can express your sweet true love. Whether it’s for the first time…..

…..or for the fiftieth!


For more fun cake toppers please visit SuperWeddings.Com

Indian Bridal Fashions ~ Something Old and Something New!


What comes to your mind when we say “Indian Wedding”? Bright colors, shimmery fabrics, flowing lehengas, heavy embroidery and stone work, all of them having the typical traditional touch! There was a time when sari was considered to the only dress that could be worn by an Indian woman, on her wedding. However, with time, the traditional mindset moved from saris to lehengas and now, it is slowly, but rapidly, shifting towards an altogether new trend – gowns. Yes, you read that right! Indian brides are now increasingly moving towards the western style ‘gowns’, as their new wedding dress.

The Trend

Western wedding gowns have made a thumping entry into the bridal trousseau in India. These days, the more progressive brides are opting for the sophisticated and chic look over the traditional outfit. Apart from helping them look suave, the gowns also allow them to be different than the others (since lehengas still rule the roost in India, as far as weddings are concerned). However, the adaptation of the western gown is still not total. It is not worn during the wedding rituals; rather the brides choose to wear a gown during the cocktail party or the reception, a part of the pre and post-wedding functions.

Traditional Lehengas Wedding Attire

The Colors

In India, white is considered as an inauspicious color, mainly because it is worn during mourning. Apart from this color, any other shade might be considered for a wedding gown. However, you will see most of the Indian brides going for bright colors, like red, maroon, pink, yellow, silver, golden, green, etc, for their wedding gown. Then, there is the all-time favorite black color, which is the popular choice for the pre-wedding cocktail party. Many of the gowns also have elaborate designs and patterns embroidered on them. Top it off with Swarovski crystals and you have a winner!


The Fabrics

One of the most popular fabrics that Indian brides go for, while choosing their wedding gown, comprises of satin. The bright sheen, smooth feel and flowing look that it offers is what woos most of the brides. Then, there is the option of net and chiffon, both of which are flowing fabrics and surely make a bride look like a princess. You can also go for silk and organza, especially if you are too slim, since both the fabrics will be able to add some weight to your lean structure. The other options for wedding gown fabrics include lace, brocade, taffeta, jacquard, crepe and even silk dupioni.

Traditional Sari Attire

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