Alternative Dessert Ideas for Wedding Cake


The bride and groom cutting and then feeding each other slices of cake has become a tradition in modern-day weddings. However, although wedding cakes are one of the most accepted dessert choices for weddings, people are starting to shy away from the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake. Donuts, macaroon towers, churro stations, candy bars, or make-your-own s’more stations are all yummy, alternative options. You can choose what desserts to serve at your wedding based on the bride and groom’s favorite snacks, family traditions, or you can choose to coordinate desserts to match with your color scheme. Another great idea is to choose what desserts to serve based on the season- popsicles or a cold ice cream bar could be a great choice for warmer outdoor weddings held in the late spring or summer, while caramel apples or hot chocolate and cookies would be a good option for a chilly fall or winter wedding. Whatever you choose, make sure it will appeal to everyone’s sweet tooth!

( churro, popsicles, cookies and milk, s’more station, macaroons )


( donut cake )


( ice cream station )


( cupcake cake )


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Spring 2013 Inspiration Board


Although the weather outside is still a little gloomy and chilly, spring is right around the corner! And while we’re still inside cuddled with a cup of hot tea, there’s nothing better than looking at gorgeous spring inspiration for upcoming weddings to warm us up- we can’t get enough of muted pastel colors, floral patterns, and fresh, fruity signature drinks. Whether it is an outdoor wedding with sparkling lights above, beautiful blush bridesmaid dresses, or pops of green in a bouquet of pastel flowers, spring weddings will be here before we know it!

And if you’re ready to embrace spring trends before the season is officially here, you can’t go wrong with a muted floral patterned shirt, classic but gorgeous blush-toned heels, or a statement-making lilac nail polish color.

spring( table, sunglasses, sugar rimmed glasses, parasols, cake, gown, bridesmaid dresses )

Spooktacular Wedding Inspiration Board


T’is the season for goblins, fairies, monsters, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, candy and saying “I do”! If you’re one to love a unique wedding that incorporates spooky holiday elements with vibrant tones of orange, black and purple then a Halloween-themed wedding could be for you!

Halloween weddings can be festive while offering a creative outlet for fun surprises and entertainment for guests, and even more reason to go over the top with the candy stations (hello sweet tooth!). You can go modern with a Halloween wedding by bringing in Halloween pop culture decor, and play with centerpieces such as the artistic tree filled with green, orange and red floral arrangements. Another option is to go vintage – merging classic pieces of furniture such as the chairs pictured on the bottom left. Having a clear theme in mind such as this one can provide planners and couples with an easier vision to work with since it’s more specific than most.

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Dream Wedding Venue at The U.S Grant Hotel


A little goes a long way but venues are a key role in influencing the look and feel of a bride’s dream wedding. The US Grant hotel is a perfect candidate that offers a variety of unique event spaces that will surely suit your special day. With 22 venues including 4 ballrooms, you’re sure to find one you’d love. The Crystal Ballroom, Palm Court and Celestial Ballroom are among one of the most highly requested spaces.

The U.S. Grant Hotel holds a lot of history. { US Grant Hotel }

{ US Grant Hotel }

The Presidential Ballroom is an event space dedicated to the 14 U.S Presidents who have been previous guests of the hotel. This area not only holds past history but has a 1,200 square-foot stage, a capacious reception room and a connected event room that totals to a grand 9,300 square feet! If you dream of a beautiful, bold and magnificent wedding, this ballroom will take your breath away. The venue is elaborated with plush golden fleur de lis carpets, timeless twin-barrel vaulted ceilings and classic chandeliers, creating an overall impressive and majestic ambience.

Stunning. The large photographs pictured in the back complement the majesty of the space. { US Grant Hotel }

Top right: the Presidential Ballroom Foyer { US Grant Hotel }

Another take of the Presidential Ballroom. Creativity is endless with this amount of space! { US Grant Hotel }

The Celestial Ballroom { US Grant Hotel }

On a slightly smaller scale, the Celestial Ballroom, known as the core of the hotel, is a 6,000-square-foot space with gorgeous vaulted ceilings detailed with hand painting and hues of metallic blues. In support by the grand columns, the intricate details of man-made woodwork reveal a reminiscence of a classic time in San Diego. The Celestial Ballroom is also adorned with Italian chandeliers and wool carpeting.

True Photography Weddings }

We love the arch of the ceilings. It creates a dynamic depth to the floral decor of the grand columns.

{ True Photography Weddings }

The floral centerpieces create an optical illusion along with the vaulted ceilings.

Celestial Ballroom { True Photography Weddings, Laura Ashbrook }

Palm Court { Boyd Harris }

If you’re looking for a more intimate space, Palm Court‘s 3,000 square-foot venue is a great contender. The space is equipped with 14-foot high cove ceilings and eye-catching grand columns. The ceilings are crested with nine chandeliers and quartered with west-facing windows. The Palm Court is also joined by a 1,500-square-foot private foyer, providing tactful access to the hotel’s 3rd Avenue entrance.

{ US Grant Hotel }

Different designs come to life in Palm Court.

{ US Grant Hotel }

The Crystal Ballroom

Last of the US Grant’s series of ballrooms is the elegant Crystal Ballroom. The 2,664-square-foot venue holds Czechoslovakian Crystal chandeliers and a romantic fireplace adjoined with a marble-lined reception foyer. The reception foyer is embellished with Spanish Colonial carved ceiling and unique bronze entry doors. The ballroom also offers a lovely travertine floor graced with European plasterwork and a hand-painted ceiling.

{ US Grant Hotel }

Sophisticated gold chairs and a sleek centerpiece pair well with the lovely chandeliers.

{ US Grant Hotel }

This aisle must have been a dreamy walk!

Aside from the array of wedding spaces offered, the US Grant hotel is a well celebrated and monumental hotel built by Ulysses S. Grant’s son in 1910. Its prime location in the historical Gaslamp district of San Diego is home to some of San Diego’s best shopping, entertainment, restaurant, boutique and art experiences.

{ US Grant Hotel }

U.S Grant Hotel in San Diego

326 Broadway

San Diego, CA 92101


Fall in Love Wedding Inspiration Board


Thinking of planning a romantic fall wedding? Here are some lovely ideas to spark your inspiration! Fall weddings can be just as flirty, fun, romantic and beautiful as any other wedding throughout the year. We love how rustic and down-to-earth these fall wedding photographs turned out. It just goes to show that the fall season isn’t just for turkeys, pumpkins, and American football.. it’s also the season for l o v e. Autumn was made for elegant and colorful bouquets, warm, vintage centerpieces and an overall unique experience for two love birds. Plus, let mother nature do the talking. Take a look at these vibrant tones of orange, yellow and brown. These pop of colors instantly give your a wedding a natural hue of its own. Also, who knew pumpkins could add such a gorgeous touch to the decor!

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