An Anthropologie Inspired Holiday

Have you stepped inside of an Anthropologie store before? Well, you should! Even if it’s not to purchase clothes, their store displays are inspirational and worth doing the “No thanks, I’m just looking” speech. Anthropologie’s aesthetic ranges from comfortable luxury to glam boho chic, which makes sense since the parent company is Urban Outfitters, Inc.  Wedding Elegance Assistant, Buu, recently walked into Anthropologie and was amazed by the displays and gifts in the store. They literally encompassed an outdoorsy, cozy, and crafty holiday spirit inside their store!

So here’s some holiday inspiration for you! Whether it’s a whole tablescape, or just some do-it-yourself items, you can host a holiday party or create a rustic, but cozy wedding theme based on Anthropologie.


All items can be found on Anthropologie’s site. All photos were lovingly borrowed from Anthropologie.

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