Honeymoon Destination: Lebanon!

When planning your honeymoon vacation, remember to do your research. But, if you’re like most busy brides, let us handle the Google-ing and time it takes to find a good place to visit for you. This week’s destination–Lebanon! Most newlyweds only think to visit commercial hotspots like Hawaii, Europe, and tropical islands, which as a result can end up burning a huge hole in your wallet. Many of these well-known destinations can be pricey without getting the most bang out of your buck. Lebanon offers golden beaches, scenic mountains, urban city landscapes and rural rustic adventures for all types of travelers. Visiting this beautiful Mediterranean country is as affordable as $45 US dollars a day (average daily travel costs), and roundtrip flights can be less than the cost of your floral arrangements!

Whether your honeymoon takes place in the winter or summer, Lebanon’s climate is accommodating. You can have your winter wonderland or experience a “Sex and the City 2″ exotic adventure. In the wintertime, especially around the holiday season, there are Christmas decorations and parades in cities like Beirut.

There are many historic sites you can visit, such as the ruins in Jeitah.

For those looking to test their luck, there are many resorts and casinos to enjoy in Lebanon. The entertainment and night life in Lebanon is thriving

Let’s not forget one of the most important reasons to visit this amazing country–the food! You can feel at home with many of the commercial restaurants and cafes or feel like a local and chow down on delicious Lebanese gourmet.  According to the Ministry of Tourism for Lebanon, some of the traditional cuisines include, “kibbeh (minced lamb, bulgur wheat, onions, pine nuts prepared in different ways), half of a chicken with rice, grilled chicken or lamb on skewers, or fish served with tahini sauce.”

Photography credits: Habeeb.com and Nahid Farhoud.

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